Most Kindest Zodiac Signs

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Libras are polite and chivalrous. This makes Libra the friendliest sign. Libras are extra-kind.

Librans usually endeavour to keep peace and put out fires. They naturally promote peace and harmony. This makes Libras ideal leaders.


Well, Aries gets close. Aries, the first zodiac, is a born leader. Dating an Aries involves dealing with their sarcasm.

Dating an Aries involves dealing with their sarcasm. If you have an issue, they may make a snarky comment to help.


The meanest zodiac sign is Virgo. To be polite to a Virgo, relax and don't sweat the small stuff.

They're too tightly coiled to do so for long. They're frequently rude because of their elevated stress levels.


Despite appearances, Leos are kind. It appears harsh, but they try. They know they can't be nice and have fun if they're cruel.

This doesn't mean they're too courteous or allow people bully them. Leos are gentle and forgiving, but they're not perfect.


Depending on mood. Cancers are polite, yet their moodiness often ruins their good mood.

In a bad mood, they're impatient rather than mean. Cancerians are rarely cruel.


Geminis can be brutal as we travel down the list of friendliest zodiac signs.


The friendliest zodiac sign is Sagittarius. Sagittarians seem like wanderers, but they're only avoiding negativity.

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