Most Likely To Get Married Zodiac Sign

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Aries fall in love quickly and enjoy the honeymoon phase. They are daring but not crazy enough to get married.

1. Aries


“Aries prefer making their own decisions". “Finding the correct one also takes patience. The main reason they married later.


Aries normally have fun until they settle down. They may need to mature before they want marriage.

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2. Gemini

Geminis are social and realize there are billions of people around the globe, so they don't see the point in committing to one person for life.


That's especially true for newly dating Geminis. Geminis are highly interested, lively, and soon bored with their companion.


“They have high criteria for their mate, and it takes time to find an ideal match, which delays marriage.”

Aquarius is "free-spirited" and distrustful. They pride themselves on being progressive, independent, and clever.

3. Aquarius


Aquarius is "aware of their freedom" and fears marriage may limit it. They need a lot of alone time to be happy.


Aquarius doesn't cherish tradition like other signs, thus marriage isn't necessary for them. It may take time for them to accept the marriage.

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