Most Mellow Zodiac Signs

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Even in difficult situations, Taurus remains calm and composed.

Taurus instinctively knows that considering all sides and finding a compromise keeps everyone peaceful.

They are quiet but always have the appropriate words to quell an outburst.


The sixth house—health and service—is ruled by Virgo. Virgos like helping people.

Mercury-ruled Virgos are thoughtful, perceptive, and analytical. They'll deliberate before engaging in a battle.

Virgo folks adore conversing and sharing to create a tranquil

They are wonderful in heated discussions and it takes a lot to for them to raise their voices.


Capricorns are a "rare breed" when it comes to being

This zodiac sign understands that having their way will keep everything under control, which makes everyone feel at ease.

They are experts at detaching their emotions from a given scenario and always approach matters "methodically and cautiously."

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