Most Unfaithful Zodiac Signs

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Pisces cheats most. They are inventive, soft, and emotional, yet every mood fluctuation might make them react badly.

As they don't want to hurt their partner, they're more likely to cheat and get detected, which might lead to a breakup.


Geminis are adaptable. They enjoy socializing. They need constant attention.

And if you can't give it, they may leave because they have many options. They want everything from one person or several.


Aquarians are idealistic and cold-hearted. Yet, if they lose love, they may deceive you. They want a bullet to blame.


This zodiac sign is laid-back and spontaneous. Sag hates controlling people. They require fresh air and time to retrieve.


Caps seek happiness, stability, and support in relationships.

They need to get everything from their partner. It's hard to find everything in a relationship, but they'll definitely lie.

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