Most Unsuccessful Zodiac Signs

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Pisces' fortune fluctuates between two extremes, whether for the better or for the worse.

There are times residents of this zodiac would stumble onto fantastically lucky circumstances.


This sign is noted for its wild and adventurous conduct, outspoken and brutally honest ideas along with a deep-rooted longing for change.

Actually, Sagittarians have a difficult time settling down, and commitment concerns may also play a role.


Much can be said about this air sign's constant need for everything to be in perfect harmony and balance.

Every Libran you’ll meet will always have one thing in common — to attain equilibrium in all spheres of life.


A Scorpio native is endowed with charisma, sensitivity, ardour, and a yearning for authority.

This sign has a natural tendency towards no-strings-attached relationships and a strong urge for survival.


Their sign is represented by the water bearer, although according to the zodiac, they are the last of the air signs.

They’re deep thinkers and once they acquire an opinion about anything, no amount of external influence can change it.


Cancer is largely renowned for being simultaneously nurturing, emotional, extremely intuitive, and sensitive.

We’ll help you in breaking down the reasons why Cancer too, makes it to the list of unsuccessful zodiac signs.

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