Ophiuchus Compatibility With Other Zodiac Signs

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1. Pisces

Ophiuchus and Neptune-ruled Pisces are both creative daydreamers.


Pisces gives their all to partnerships and prefers a nurturing role, which matches Ophiuchus' love requirements.

2. Capricorn

Ophiuchus would get along well with Capricorn, who's realistic, goal-oriented, and ambitious.


They're both smart, hardworking, and competitive. Both partners will support each other when one needs to work longer hours.

3. Ophiuchus

Not all zodiac signs can date each other. Your negative traits will likely reflect back to you.


An Ophiuchus is constantly seeking happiness, so it would make logical sense that they are particularly compatible with their own type.

4. Cancer

Ophiuchus does nicely with sensitive Water signs like Cancer.


Cancer and Ophiuchus are devoted and possessive, thus Wong recommends them.

5. Libra

Ophiuchus and Libras work beautifully together as Libras a gentle combination of Capricorn and Pisces.


They'll hit it off and talk for hours. Libra and Ophiuchus are “hungry for finding new areas and diving into the unknown.

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