Personality Types That Have the Most Successful Relationships

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INFJs are hopeless romantics who love unconditionally. Introverted and intuitive, these folks are very compassionate.

They're kind and want a deep relationship before committing.

They don't date around, so when they do, it's serious. Despite their reticence, they are devoted and loving.

They give gifts and make sure you have all you need in a relationship.


Despite the name, this personality type is not always fighting. They may be the most loving people.

They date selectively. That suggests they want a serious relationship, not a fling.

They're lively, witty, and unpredictable. They also love a spectacular gesture that will wow their companion.


Mediators will charm you. Like INFJs, they are intuitive and perceptive empaths. INFPs are more adaptable than INFJs.

They may be dreamy, but they're kind. They may be shy in a relationship.

They'll want everything about you. They want to meet your pals and get involved. They love deeply.

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