Publicly Crying Zodiac Sign

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Capricorns are typically stoic. "Cold, unemotional, aloof, and collected. This diligent sign is driven to the top of the corporate ladder.

Caps prefer to suppress their feelings. When such pent-up emotions explode, they may surprise others by crying.


Libra is interesting because their tears aren't real. "They may alter their emotional reactions to the expectations of others.

A Libra thinks everyone will cry after hearing a terrible story.


Aries leads the zodiac with courage. They're strong, independent, and enthusiastic.

Their intense energy means they don't like outside help or guidance.


Pisces have an innate ability to "pick up on the energy and feelings of others around them making them among the most perceptive signs.

They are easily triggered and will start crying if they see another person crying.


What else would you expect from the zodiac sign with the highest incidence of public crying?

Their emotions run so deep that even they are sometimes confused by them.

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