Relationship-Demanding Zodiac Signs

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Aries, as though you wouldn't be acknowledged in this one. Obviously, you've said that you're the leader when it comes to being respected

1. Aries


You do not have sufficient time to entertain anyone who is ignorant enough to treat you as less than you are.


You have so much self-respect that you set a rather high standard for others, but why shouldn't others do the same when they are with you?

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2. Taurus

As you observe someone's behavior today, Taurus, you will use the words "Aw hell no" once again.


If familiarity fosters resentment, then you will discover how someone's familiarity with you allows them to take advantage of your generosity.


What begins as a simple jest quickly transforms into a revealing display of how this individual thinks about you. And it is rude in tone.

You may not always say the right thing at the right moment, but you know when you're being disrespected.

3. Virgo


You're sensitive to what people say about you and looking for a chance to tell them off when the Moon is in Aries.


This individual will be your romantic companion. They're so used to living with you that they can tease you. Virgo, you're angered by even a minor tease.

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