Restless Zodiac Signs Ranked

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Those born under the sign of Aquarius are constantly generating new concepts and techniques of operation. 

Aquarius is acutely conscious of their uniqueness and abhors being restricted by norms and traditions. 

Aquarius may see their natural, everyday conduct as harsh or intrusive, despite the fact that they are simply doing what comes naturally.

Being a fiery sign with inexhaustible vitality. They are constantly seeking new experiences. 


Aries individuals are notorious for their lack of tact and will often say the most inappropriate things.

This could result in broken emotions and irritated friends, and the Aries would in most cases have no idea what they did wrong.


This zodiac sign does not like to remain in one place for an extended amount of time; they are always on the go and on a search. 

Gemini has a restless soul that craves new experiences, and routine and repetition can suffocate them. 

Gemini has difficulty judging conditions and frequently allows their emotions to build up, resulting in spontaneous outbursts.

The fire sign Sagittarius is an intrepid and unrestrained sign. Sag enjoys doing anything they want, whenever they want, 


and will catch a bus without knowing its destination or leave everything to embark on an impromptu road trip.

Most Sags have no problem counseling others on how to live their lives.

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