Sagittarius Compatibility With Each Zodiac Sign


Aries is the natural location of the heart and romance for Sagittarius.


And this is why it will be so simple for Archer to fall in love with Aries' innate passion and zeal for life.

Taurus and Sagittarius' emotional compatibility will depend primarily on their natal planetary positions.


This relationship will require some time to better understand Bull before deciding on their future.

Gemini and Sagittarius are both "free" spirits, and their shared intellectual pursuits will rapidly arouse feelings between them. 


And if they are of marriageable age, this relationship will result in marriage.

Emotionally, Cancer and Sagittarius are anticipated to produce somewhat varied outcomes.


Cancer and Sagittarius are only two individuals with distinct expressions and communication styles.

Leo and Sagittarius will experience instant attraction.


They will function exceptionally well as friends, business partners, and especially as a parent and child.

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