Signs A Cancer Woman Wants You To Propose

When it comes to devoted relationships, this sign will perform in an undoubtedly dependable manner.

She includes you

The Cancer lady will begin to include you in her plans when she no longer wishes for you to play a minor role in her life. 

Indicating that she is incorporating you into his life permanently.

When a Cancer lady discusses her views on marriage and future plans, it becomes abundantly evident.

She talks about marriage

Even though she removes you from the conversation, she has the impression that she wants to settle down in the near future.

A Cancer woman is expressing her emotions to you and observing your response.

She will invite you to her home to meet her family and closest friends,

You meet his family

which is a significant sign that a Cancer lady is ready to commit. 

After a Cancer lady gets you home, she will profess her love for you unequivocally.

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