Signs A Libra Woman Wants You To Propose

Before settling down and committing to monogamy with you,

She matches you

a Libra woman will evaluate if she aims in life fit with her own. 

A Libra lady believes that the more similarities you share, the more you will understand one another.

A Libra woman desires a partner with whom she can connect and bring her friends.

She wants alone time

Therefore it is fine for you to spend time with her in the company of others.

Yet, when a Libra woman is in love with you and prepared to commit to the relationship, she will want more alone time with you. 

A Libra woman's ruling planet, Venus, implies that she is extremely affectionate and loving.

She’s more affectionate

Follow a Libra woman's lead if she begins to demonstrate greater affection.

In addition, when your Libra woman begins to show you more affection in public.

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