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Signs A Sagittarius Woman Wants You To Propose

She is reliable

Your Sagittarius woman will show you she cares by offering you her shoulder and being there for you anytime she can. 

She will gladly listen to you vent about your problems and offer any assistance she can. 

When you need a Sagittarius lady, she will make every attempt, despite her busy schedule, to be there for you.

She will attempt to alleviate your tension by assisting you with whatever you are working on. 

She talks about commitment

Commitment is one of the things a Sagittarius woman fears, therefore discussing it might be a big problem.

If she is considering proposing or committing to you, she may begin discussing commitment hypothetically. 

This is to ensure that you are on the same page and that she will make the correct choice.

 She will discuss weddings that he has recently attended, and she may even begin to describe her perfect wedding.

A Sagittarius lady finds it difficult to be around emotionally intense people.

She cares about you

Your Sagittarius woman will make an attempt to be present for you if she cares about you.

A Sagittarius woman will be attentive to your concerns and would gladly offer advice if you ask.

This indication is conscious that she must be there for you if she desires a strong relationship with you.

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