Signs They're Hiding Their Feelings

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Signs They're Hiding Their Feelings
The way someone looks at you can provide insight into their emotions.


They smile when you’re around.
You are one of their favorite people, thus it is normal for them to shine around you.


They get physically affectionate with you
A person with hidden feelings might casually slide over to you on the couch while you're watching a movie.


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They get nervous around you.
In your presence, their heart rate may increase and they may behave awkwardly.


They show off in front of you.
When someone develops affection for you, they will want to show themselves in the best possible light.


They are always there to support you.
When you require a shoulder to cry on, they are readily available.


They ask lots of questions about your life.
When someone develops affection for you, they will be curious about every aspect of your life.


They remember the small details you mention.
Someone who is hiding their feelings for you may gravitate toward the things you enjoy to feel closer to you.


They get jealous of other people in your life.
When someone feels a deep connection with you, it is common for them to experience a touch of envy.


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