Spirit Animals of the Zodiac Signs

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Aries: Hippo

Aries should have a hippopotamus spirit animal. They're stubborn, determined, and willful.

Taurus: Koala

Taurus-like koalas. Tauruses are trustworthy, patient, and practical.

Gemini: Chameleon

Chameleons are Gemini spirit animals. Like Geminis, chameleons are adaptable.

Cancer: Wolf

Cancer's wolf spirit animal is ideal. Cancers are like wolves—loyal, protective, and nurturing.

Leo: Lion

Leos are lions. Leos are like lions—powerful, royal, and authoritative.

Virgo: Elephant

Elephants represent Virgo. Elephants are disciplined and practical. They also follow a daily schedule.

Libra: Dog

Libras love dogs. Libras are like dogs—loyal, affectionate, and social.

Scorpio: Snake

Scorpions are snakes. Like Scorpios, snakes are smart, resourceful, and discreet.

Sagittarius: Wild horse

For Sagittarius, the wild horse is ideal. Sagittarians are like wild horses—free-spirited, independent, and adventurous.

Capricorn: Mountain goat

Mountain goats are excellent Capricorns. Mountain goats and Capricorns are driven and determined.

Aquarius: Dolphin

Aquarians love dolphins. These aquatic mammals are intelligent, playful, and fun-loving like Aquarius.

Pisces: Narwhal

Pisces' spirit animal is the narwhal. These animals have magical spiral tusks. 

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