Strengths and Weaknesses of Each Zodiac Signs

Zodiac Sign


The lion is a natural leader, but can also be selfish. Confident and charismatic, Leo readily assumes leadership.


The goat is a diligent worker who is also manipulative. Capricorn is pragmatic and driven. They typically care a great deal about their careers.


The scorpion is an exceptional problem-solver, yet it may also be skeptical of others. Focused and resolute, Scorpio is capable of unravelling riddles.


The ram is brave, but impulsive at times. Aries is unafraid of controversy and have no difficulty standing up for themselves and others.


The bull is hardworking, but materialistic at times. The dedicated Taurus is hardworking, trustworthy, and patient.


The archer is cheerful, though flighty at times. Sagittarius is constantly optimistic and enjoys travelling the world.


The virgin is pragmatic, yet may be rather judgmental. Virgo has a reputation for being cautious. They enjoy giving advise and believe they are always right.


The libra sign is impartial, yet can harbour emotions. As a sign of Air, Libra is an academic who seeks stability. They are quite diplomatic.


The water-bearer is friendly but volatile. Aquarius is quite smart. They frequently use their intelligence to aid others.


However, the crab might be extremely sensitive. Cancer adores providing care and emotional support to others.


The sign of the twins is brilliant, but often indecisive. Gemini is an air sign, thus they enjoy engaging in intellectual pursuits.


The fish is loving, although gloomy sometimes. Pisces is sensitive and caring. They will always be present when needed.

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