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Tesla Wants to Build a 1950s-Style Diner

Tesla desires to construct a 1950s-style diner. Image of Tesla on YouTubeTesla's presentation at Investor Day was a mixed bag.

The corporation was forthcoming with great ideals for both commercial and public development, but provided few details regarding new products, services, or advances. 

Rebecca Tinucci, Senior Director for Charging Infrastructure at Tesla, adopted Steve Jobs' famous "one more thing" phrase at the conclusion of the section on charging. 

The next slide was uncomplicated. It contained two photographs with the caption "Don't Forget to Do Awesome Stuff."

The photo on the right appears to show a Model S on what could be a wireless charging station,

but without official confirmation or more information, it is difficult to determine what this means for Tesla.

The image on the left was more fantastical, depicting a Tesla-branded restaurant with superchargers, a movie screen, and a vast rooftop dining area. 

Fox also reports that Tesla purchased a former Shakey's Pizza location for $16 million on Santa Monica Boulevard in Hollywood, California, last year.

It would be difficult to find a better location for constructing a themed restaurant with strong visibility.

That deviates significantly from the company's typical operations, but that does not make it dumb. 

In a world where electric car profit margins are shrinking, Tesla can now offer a high-margin, low-complexity product that is constantly in demand: French toast.

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