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The Cliquiest Zodiac Signs


The majority of Capricorn clich├ęs revolve around business ability and ascending the corporate ladder

And you already know how successful Capricorns are, right? This is accomplished by keeping their allies close and their opponents even closer.

Remember the Friends episode in which Ross (clearly a Capricorn) gets Joey a job at the museum

but then refuses to sit with him at lunch since it violates the established social order? This is the common Capricorn philosophy regarding cliques.

Capricorns, who are ruled by Saturn, value devotion and consistency.

Once they've found a strong group, they're content and unwilling to venture outside of their comfort zone.


Cancer may be the most exclusive of the zodiac signs.

Consider who is the first to greet the group chat, who prepares every baby shower, and who sends VIP invitations to her vacation home.

Cancers are devoted and protective, and they quickly ascend to the position of queen bee in any group they join.

Although Cancers are noted for their sensitivity, they also offer and receive tough love, making it imperative that everyone in their inner circle is reliable and devoted.

When a Cancer invites you to join their circle of friends, know that you have been selected for life. Whether for better or worse.

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