The Hardest Zodiacs to Fall in Love

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Capricorns value commitment and connections. Falling in love is trickier.

Despite their strong feelings, Capricorns are goal-oriented and often prioritize other things over them.


Virgos, like other Earth signs, avoid falling in love. They love planning and being in charge.

Whenever love and emotions are involved, it's hard to predict how they or the other person would react.


Scorpios totally love. Their enthusiasm, intuition, and selflessness make them great partners.

They'd love to open up to someone about their concerns and doubts, but they think it's too risky.


Aquarians are sometimes misunderstood as dispassionate or uninterested in romance.

They fall in love, even though they don't show their emotions. They struggle to fall in love.

They're picky about who makes them feel deeply. They struggle to leave their reclusiveness.

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