The Lucky One Zodiac Sign


As you were born under the zodiac's most talkative and inquisitive sign, you naturally seek out and welcome alternative points of view.

You're ready to open your mind to new ideas and perspectives this month, as the sun travels through the ninth house of your chart.


Leo, your relationships will be a focus this month as Aquarius season begins.

Since Aquarius is your opposing sign, you may love-hate this time of year, yet it will offer new topics to your relationships.


This month, the sun will remain in your fifth house of passions and creativity, encouraging you to find new ways to relax.

As a Venusian, you should prioritize pleasure every day, and this season is encouraging you to do new things.

Don't let people's misunderstandings stop you from enjoying yourself. Your unconventional dating style is fine.


As your season progresses, the sun will enter your first house of identification and self-expression, highlighting how you appreciate your authenticity.

While you don't want attention, this time of year delivers it to you. This lets you advocate for your causes.

Aquarius now is the time to show what really important to you—your ideas and values.

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