The Most Challenging Pairings Of Zodiac Signs

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Cancer's emotional side may appear ideal for Aquarius' sociable attitude, but they can't meet each other's needs.

 Aquarians, like Harry Styles, are creative and woo-woo. But, Cancer seeks more from their spouse, trapping Aquarians.


Virgo and Sag may be opposites. Sagittarius is spontaneous; Virgo calculating. Sagittarius is always late; Virgo is prompt. 

If you want your opposite to motivate you to lighten up or tighten up, this might work, but you'll probably simply annoy each other.


Aries and Pisces have quite different conceptions on how to express love.

 Aries is non-committal and exhibits love in huge or small ways, while Pisces is immediately involved and needs to experience and show love often.


Capricorns may be a long-lost fire sign, but don't run off with one, Cap.

 Leo wants to start straight immediately, while Capricorn enjoys planning. At least your big job goals will bind you.

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