The Most 
Investigative Zodiac Signs

1. Gemini

They make excellent investigators. They instinctively add up. One look at a person's Facebook wall can reveal stuff others won't notice.

They ask the proper questions with a straight face and are terrific conversationalists. They gossip to stay informed.

2. Virgo

Virgos notice everything, from eye blinks to shoulder twitches. They can read others' emotions because they're so excellent at hiding them.

They're not nosy socially, but a few hours of laptop study makes them world-ready.

3. Scorpio

Scorpios constantly see beyond the obvious. They keep their dirty laundry private. However, they still pry.

Scorpio, an aqua sign, receives its aura from the psychic realm, making them good intuitive guessers.

5. Capricorn

They work twice as hard and three times longer on difficult tasks. Capricorns are persistent and good investigators.

Capricorns always finish their work. Capricorn will stay up late to obtain a new perspective while others give up.

6. Taurus

They're pragmatic. Tauruses prefer step-by-step careers like law, policing, and crime investigators.

This sign is watchful and hardworking. 

Some zodiac sign features do make the finest detectives. The nosiest zodiac signs, they can investigate.

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