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 The Most Love Addicted Zodiac Signs


Virgos are practical. Life decisions usually follow logic and reason. Love is often impractical.


Aries have too many life goals. You work and live rapidly. You obsess over multitasking.


You are ambitious and busy. You have so many ambitions that dating feels pointless. 


Your low ranking on the list of love-addicted Zodiac signs may surprise folks. Cancers are warm and loving.


Leos have enough of affection and probably always will. Why? Too much self-love. Self-love never fails.


You're known for being logical and emotionless as an Aquarius. Logic and reason always guide you.


As a Gemini, things are hard. You're social and don't like being alone. However, you bore easily. 


Love and relationships aren't your thing. You're always looking for the next big adventure, Sagittarius.


You're passionate as a Taurus. That's why you struggle to leave partnerships. You also dislike change. 


Love is your passion. That's Libra. You're obsessed with relationships.


Life is a storybook to you. Love failure would be like life failure for you. You dream of the perfect relationship as a Pisces.


You're the most passionate and intense Scorpio in love. Love's endorphins and sensations always get you. 

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