The Most Opinionated Zodiac Sign

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Virgos are opinionated and think everyone should agree with them.

Your Virgo friend or partner will "bring out the advantages and negatives and then let you know what their perspective is.


Capricorns think they're the finest at everything—and they usually are.

That could suggest they're overconfident at work or think they're their buddy group's most stylish.


Gemini friends know how much they talk. Sharing stories often leads to contemplation.


Want to disprove an Aquarius? Sadly, you will not get very far. The fixed air sign has strong and unyielding views on particular topics.

Aquarius, unlike other signs, is reluctant to change their views, even after a heated argument.


Aries are noted for their courage and aggressiveness, because they are so self-confident.

Aries are typically very outspoken, and they refused to be hushed.


Before making a decision, Libras examine all sides of a situation, as they are always impartial.

But because they can perceive situations from all aspects, "they can hold a variety of opinions regarding the same circumstance.

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