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The Most Scheming Zodiac Sign


Venus rules Libra. And while this makes them exceptionally effective peacemakers within their own groups.

They occasionally utilize their exceptional communication talents for selfish motives and innocuous scams.


Your Virgo friend is likely a hard-working overachiever. It turns out that a portion of their diligence is also reflected in their planning abilities.

Virgos have a strategy for every eventuality, as well as multiple backup plans.


Taurus is motivated by money alone. Persons born under this sign have meticulously established plans to ensure their success.

They will meticulously budget their days, scrutinize new financial initiatives, and be sceptical of potential business partners. 

Geminis are famed for their brilliance and wit since they are ruled by Mercury.


They are adept at acquiring what they want because they understand how to enchant others.

Capricorn's strategies are motivated by its desire for prosperity and security.


They won't rest until they've planned for every conceivable circumstance." This is especially true in the areas of finance and career.

When you think about Scorpio, two characteristics typically spring to mind: being cunning and mysterious.


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