Things To Know Before You Date Someone

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This person defies "show, don't tell." If you don't tell your lover you love them, they won't feel loved.

Remember, everyone experiences love differently. "Words of affirmation" people need to hear your feelings.

There is no such thing as an excessive number of compliments.

On important events, write your words. They'll treasure a passionate card or letter with a few phrases about why you love them.

They chose you. Even if you're not eloquent, they want to hear your thoughts.

Know that your companion doesn't need flowery words if you're not a "words" person.

Praise your companion daily in their interests. Tell writers what you like.

On special occasions, share your feelings. Add some words to store-bought cards.

Send them a couple surprise messages a week to let them know you're thinking of them or that you love them to keep your connection strong.

Uplift your companion. Listen without interfering. Remind them of their strengths to help them get through this.

Remember that saying "I love you" too often never ended a relationship.

Truthfully. Words of affirmation partners need loving words, but not phony ones.

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