Top 10 Deadliest Snakes in the United States

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The cottonmouth is the only semi-aquatic viper. This strong-swimming snake is prevalent in the Southeastern US.

1. Cottonmouth

2. Timber rattlesnake

Timber rattlesnakes are dangerous. They have long fangs, strong venom, and can inject scary amounts into their prey.

3. Black diamond rattlesnake

This dangerous rattlesnake has seven subspecies, some of which have highly poisonous venom that affects nerve endings.

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4. Tiger rattlesnake

Tiger rattlesnakes are feared for their vertical stripes, not their behavior. It has the smallest rattlesnake head.

5. Copperhead

Copperheads may bite the most. Copperheads bite when stepped on because they "freeze" as humans approach.

6. Eastern coral snake

Hunters and hikers in the Southeast love eastern coral snakes because they are so elusive.

7. Western diamondback rattlesnake

This snake may deliver venom differently from the tiger rattlesnake.

8. Eastern diamondback rattle

The eastern diamondback is North America's largest venomous snake and possibly the most dangerous.

9. Prairie rattlesnake

Prairie rattlesnakes are innocuous compared to the two preceding species and the one after.

10. Mojave rattlesnake

Mojave rattlesnakes have the strongest venom, much stronger than tiger rattlesnakes.

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