Top 10 Foods to Try in Mexico

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This classic morning dish is comprised of lightly fried, quartered corn tortillas topped with green or red salsa (the red is slightly spicier).


Anthropologists assert that this pre-Hispanic soup was formerly utilised in ritual sacrifices. 

Tacos al pastor

The origins of this meal date back to the 1920s and 1930s, when Lebanese and Syrian immigrants arrived in Mexico, making it one of the most popular types of tacos. 


Tostadas are a simple yet tasty dish consisting of maize tortillas cooked in boiling oil till golden and crisp.

Chiles en nogada

One of the most patriotic Mexican meals, chiles en nogada features the three colours of the Mexican flag. 


Traditionally, corn is boiled and served either on a stick (to be eaten like ice cream) or in cups, with the kernels removed from the cob. 


Enchiladas date back to Mayan times, when people in the Valley of Mexico ate small fish wrapped in corn tortillas. 


Possibly the most well-known mole is mole poblano, a sauce commonly served with turkey or chicken.


Almost every American restaurant offers it. It features gooey cheese, tomato, lettuce, and a pickle sauce with a kick.


Corn dough pockets are filled with a sweet or savoury filling, wrapped in banana leaves or corn husks, and then steamed. 

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