Vainest Zodiac Signs Ranked

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Libras are at the top of our list, which should come as no surprise given that Venus, their ruling planet, gives them a unique sense for visual beauty.

Although though Libras understand that looks are not everything, they are drawn to handsome individuals in friendships and partnerships.


Gemini is a sign that enjoys being complimented, therefore it is not surprising that it ranks so highly. 

If it means that more people would like them, they will say one thing to one person and a completely other interpretation of their perspective to another.


Taurus is a mixed bag: at best, dependable and sturdy, and at worst, shallow and entitled.

Although persons born under this sign are often hardworking and grounded, they have a tendency to be too materialistic. 


The emergence of Virgo in a zodiac famed for precise planning may come as a surprise. 

Being one of the most cerebral zodiac signs, Virgos hold themselves and others to high standards.


Being one of the most faithful zodiac signs, there is little doubt that Leos place a high emphasis on morality. 

Leos are born kings and queens, and as such, they must be treated as such.

Because they are such a dramatic zodiac sign, they will often do everything, even if it goes against their values, to be in the spotlight.

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