What is the Best Zodiac Sign?

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When you have a complete breakdown, everyone should move out of your way because you are likely to do anything. 


Scorpio, the personification of petty, can sting with blind fury if we feel betrayed or ignored.


In fact, it is possible to be so concerned with what others think of you that you resort to manipulation in order to present yourself favourably. 


When anything does not go according to your expectations, you may spiral into paranoia and believe that everyone else is to blame.


You, Sagittarius, are as variable as the flickering of a flame. You continually reinvent yourself in order to discover your genuine self. 


Capricorns, you are a proud people to an extreme degree. You have a knack for conveniently misinterpreting conversations. 


This is owing to your penchant for dark humour and your ability to induce quick credibility, Cancer.


You respect others and empathise with those you feel are suffering unjustly.


You rarely make mistakes and avoid the limelight. While you may not be a candidate for the spotlight, you are an outstanding support player.

Aquarius you might be temperamental to a fault. You can also be implacably blunt. Overall, you can be honest and determined.



You favour patience over confrontation when it comes to problem-solving. You strive to constantly be your true selves. 

Your charisma and charm make you an extremely likeable person. Others are drawn to your confidence like moths to a flame. 


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