What Pie Are You As Per Zodiac Sign

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Coconut Cream Pie
Aries are impetuous gamblers and apologists. Like the coconut cream pie, a debt was owing and oddly repaid.



Pecan Pie
Taurus people enjoy an evil pleasure that's easy to make. Enter pecan pie, or better still, chocolate pecan pie.


Rhubarb Pie
The zodiac's sour patch youngster, Gemini swings from sweet to stubborn every day. The rhubarb pie is an appetizing metaphor for life.


Apple Pie
Apple pie brings back memories of childhood, or at least the idealized version that has been associated with Cancer.


Lemon Meringue Pie
When it comes to pie toppings, meringue is as a lion's mane is to its owner.

Cherry Pie
As a gift to the IRL virgin and peak Virgo, Brits invented the cherry pie.



Peanut Butter Pie
“Peanut butter pie is a state of mind,” Allyson Reedy writes in “50 Things To Bake Before You Die.”

Blueberry Pie
In "Stand By Me," a bullied youngster causes a blueberry pie barf-o-rama as vengeance for body shaming.



Shepherd's pie
You can make a delicious Shepherd's Pie using last week's leftover mashed potatoes some fresh vegetables, a few fried eggs, and a glass of lemonade..


Meat pie
Cornish pasties and meat pies embody the Capricorn attitude of business.


Key Lime Pie
Key lime pie is made with minimal resources and Aquarian creativity.


Boston Cream Pie
Pisces is equal parts idealist and nihilist, pie in the sky and burn it all down. Pisces gets Boston cream pie for this reason.

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