Which Zodiac Signs Are The Meanest?

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If we were to compile a list of the zodiac's most thoughtful lovers, Scorpio would likely be on it. 

On the surface, a Scorpio may appear to be sweet and caring, but underneath, they may be quite dishonest and cruel.

You may never know how or when you've upset a Scorpio because they seldom express their emotions clearly.

The fact that Scorpio is the most malicious sign also explains their manipulative attitude. 


If you've ever been friends with a Capricorn, you're aware of how cruel and indifferent they can be. 

Capricorns prioritise their objectives, ambitions, and careers above all else, and they do not care who they harm in their pursuit of success.

They do not care how you feel; they will say whatever is on their mind.

This method of communication makes them one of the most vicious zodiac signs.


This is generally a positive trait because it makes them more entertaining and fascinating to be around,

but it also explains why Aries may be impatient, stubborn, aggressive, and cruel.

Unlike the other two zodiac signs on our list, Aries do not store up their anger for future explosions; they release bombshells as soon as they can.

They are extremely outspoken and will tell you exactly how they feel, regardless of whether it hurts you.

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