Why Your Zodiac Sign Is Probably Wrong

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The Sun appears to traverse a band of sky including 12 ancient constellations or star clusters during the course of a year. 

The constellations of the zodiac

Many are disappointed by the fact that constellations rarely resemble what they represent.

The number of constellations in the Western zodiac derives from the 12.4-year orbit of the Moon around the Earth.

very new Moon, the Sun appears against a different constellation, with the stars forming the Sun's distant backdrop. 

Although if stars are not visible during the day, you may determine which constellation the Sun is in by observing the night sky.

Precession, a wobble in the Earth's rotational axis, is primarily responsible for the misalignment of astrological signs with the zodiac.

Precession of the equinoxes

The Earth bulges somewhat at the equator due to its rotation, similar to how a skater's skirt spreads out as she spins.

The wobble causes the Earth's axis, which is the centre of rotation, to swing in a leisurely circle over a period of 25,800 years.

This movement modifies the view of the zodiac from Earth, causing the constellations to appear to shift eastward by around one degree per human lifetime. 

Hipparchus of Nicaea observed precession visually approximately 150 B.C. despite its slowness.

It went into Pisces circa 100 B.C. due to precession and will remain there until 2700 A.D., when it will move into Aquarius and so on.

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