Zodiac Sign | The Car You Should Drive

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Aries: Sports Car

You enjoy moving quickly, Aries. You're playful and youthful at heart.

Taurus: Mid-Size SUV

Taurus, you probably have two main priorities in mind when shopping for a car: security and cost effectiveness.

Gemini: Classic Crossover

You are constantly on the move, so you require a vehicle that can keep up with your hectic social schedule.

Cancer: Luxury Sedan

When buying a new vehicle, you seek both comfort and style, just like you do in most other aspects of life.

Leo: Convertible

Take the keys to a convertible, whether vintage or modern, lower the top, turn up the music, and hit the open road!

Virgo: Eco-Friendly Hybrid

It boasts a spacious interior with ample storage space, which is likely to appeal to your practical side.

Libra: Sleek Coupe

You may be the partnership sign, Libra, yet you have a profound passion for luxury.

Scorpio: Off-Roader

An off-road vehicle such as the classic Jeep strikes the perfect balance for your way of life.

Sagittarius: Hatchback

People born under the Sagittarius zodiac sign are typically a bit wild and reckless.

Capricorn: Muscle Car

Capricorn, you are viewed as realistic and mature by most. You tend to play it cautious in most areas of life due to your keen attention to detail.

Aquarius: Electric Car

Aquarius, you're a bit of an oddball. Never satisfied with the existing quo, you are more prone than anybody else to challenge what is being said. 

Pisces: Retro Station Wagon

Pisces, are a rather laid-back person, therefore you're not interested in something flashy.

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