Zodiac Sign Who Are Most Clumsy

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This sign frequently acts before thinking. "Aries is not typically viewed as clumsy.

6. Aries

This sign can also embarrass themselves with their words. "By the time they understand it, they have wrecked everything.


Cancer is a great friend if you know how to handle its sensitivity and loving nature.

5. Cancer

It's not uncommon for them to bump into anything or someone because they're daydreaming or thinking about the good old days.


This water bearer, like the clumsy Cancer, has a great imagination.

4. Pisces

Pisces are notoriously forgetful for these reasons. While they likely won't forget your birthday.


Although Libras are generally well-rounded persons, they may struggle when it comes to actual physical balance.

3. Libra

Their hesitation and lack of focus make them unable to make clear decisions.


They have a tendency to live in their own circle. Aquarius energy are characterized as "space cadets".

2. Aquarius

Clumsiness is a common trait among Geminis since they have so much on their minds.

1. Gemini

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