Zodiac Signs Might Backstab You

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Aries tend to prioritize themselves. They are extremely ambitious and competitive.

 As a result, rams may betray quickly if they believe their supremacy is threatened.

Aries is ruled by Mars, the god of war, and may occasionally cause difficulty for no apparent reason.

Geminis are highly versatile and have the capacity to communicate with anyone, which is a quality they frequently employ.


They'll be polite to your face, but if they become a little bit dirty, they may smear your name all over town.

Geminis adore ascending the social ladder and will ruthlessly step on others to do so.

Geminis are also recognised for being one of the zodiac signs most inclined to deceive, therefore betrayal is a part of their nature.


Scorpio is the most intriguing sign on our list, as their betrayal can be significantly more devastating than Aries or Gemini.

"If you anger a Scorpio, you may want to watch your back. Yet, unless provoked, Scorpios won't usually assault.

There is always a motive for betrayal, and it always relates back to the one who is betrayed.

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