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Zodiac Signs That Are Introverts

1. Aquarius

Aquarius rules introverts as their mirror sign Leo rules the jungle. They like privacy. They like to talk to a few people in their limited networks.

Aquarians also hide their emotions. Aquarius men are shyer than women. Aquarius is the shyest zodiac sign.

2. Pisces

Extreme introverts have this indicator. Creative Pisces. People need alone to dream and be inspired to create.

If you encounter a Piscean painting in a peaceful corner of a room full of people, they're Pisces.

3. Scorpio

Scorpios are introverts. Scorpions hide. They keep their lives private and only trust a few.

Scorpios, like Pisces, are sensitive and should avoid others. They're drainable.

4. Taurus

Taurus resists. They despise orders. They like privacy. They know their emotions are turbulent and difficult to handle.

Hence, they avoid others. Taureans value security and will avoid any risk. Taurus prefers solidarity because they feel safer alone.

5. Virgo

irgos distrust and avoid people. Introverts. They are the ultimate clean freaks and natural germaphobes.

They fear contracting a sickness from too many individuals. They prefer solitude.

6. Cancer

Cancers are introverts. They like staying home. Unless it nurtures them, they don't like to open themselves to others.

They're less introverted than the other signs because they're happy to host guests. They won't party elsewhere. Home is their favourite place.

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