Zodiac Signs That Slowly Fall In Love

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Virgos fall in love very slowly and find it difficult to genuinely let another person in.

Knowing how easily the heart may be broken, they have a somewhat pessimistic view of love and are hesitant to put it all on the line. 

When Virgo does fall in love, though, they go all in and adore intensely.


Capricorns are not eager to open their hearts due to their strength and strategic nature.

They view love as they do most other aspects of life: as a strategic investment.

Capricorns strongly guard their independence and dislike feeling overly dependent on others.

When a Capricorn decides to commit, they are extremely caring and committed companions.


In order to fall in love, Scorpios must surrender at least some of their self-control, which is why they struggle so hard against it.

When they finally decide to let someone in, they are devoted, loving, and fiercely committed partners.

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