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Zodiac Signs to Avoid Dating


Sagittarius is an independent sign that believes committing to a relationship will restrict their freedom.

In actuality, they are continuously seeking new experiences and quickly become bored with relationships.


Scorpio is the most sensuous zodiac sign. People born under this zodiac sign are clever, and unwaveringly faithful while in love.

Scorpios typically have trust concerns and will only commit to a relationship when they are certain of their decision.


Aquarius despises being governed by others and is by nature unpredictable.

They have an idealized conception of what a relationship should be, and when they attempt to discover it in the real world, they become frustrated.


Arians are notoriously restless and impulsive. If things do not go their way, they may ignore their spouses and look for greener pastures.

They hesitate to commit to a relationship because they have high expectations of their spouse.


Libras have a broad social network and enjoy having fun.

When it comes to relationships, they may be somewhat indecisive and have difficulty managing stress.

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