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Zodiac Signs to Avoid Telling Secrets

1. Gemini: Deflection

Ah, the Twins with two faces! They are avid gossips. Live for rumors. Profit from rumour.

2. Aries: Sadism

A tiny subgroup of Aries who can't be trusted with your intimate secrets feels powerful knowing stuff others don't.

They enjoy hearing bad things about others. They get a sicker thrill from disseminating negative information.

They'll exploit your secrets. They'll lie about what you said. Because they bruise easily, they are emotionally cruel.

3. Libra: Boredom

Because their lives are so uninteresting, the few Libras who can't be trusted with your secrets have nothing better to do.

It would be more interesting to watch a fly climb a curtain than to spend time with them.

4. Pisces: Projection

There's always one Pisces who betrays you. Since they project, these people love spreading tales about others.

Because they have many humiliating secrets.

5. Leo: Awkwardness

The few Leos that prefer to gossip and spill secrets are loners.

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