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Zodiac Signs Who Always Make Excuses


Taureans have a tendency to find justifications for everything. They could defend any circumstance, good or bad.

It takes a certain amount of audacity to explain all of their actions, but they are specialists at inventing explanations.

They simply believe that it is easier to stick to their old methods than to exceed their bounds, so they construct an excuse to do so.


Gemini has many thoughts simultaneously. This enables them to multitask like a pro and see all sides of any debate, which is advantageous.

Before agreeing to attend an event, they would explore all possibilities. They'll opt for a no-event if something isn't in their favor.


This zodiac sign makes excuses and tells lies to hide its true intentions. They would make excuses and give long justifications if caught.


Scorpio's nastiness is usually late and casual. It's terrible that you can always tell when they're lying.

Priority mismanagement explains their pitiful answers. They lie to cover up their misdeeds.

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