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Zodiac Signs Who Always Make First Move


When a Leo enters a room, the lion's roar may be heard from across the room.

Not only do they look nice as hell, but they're also feeling it and want everyone to know it.

Similarly to how a lion would attack its prey, a Leo will make a forceful debut.


Libras, arguably the most flirtatious sign in the zodiac, make it their profession to lavish people.

They are confident in their fashion sense and attracted to those who have distinct appearances.

Before you realize it, a Libra will have you under their spell the very first night you meet, imagining a future with them.


The stoic and unassuming type. One look from a Scorpio will leave you speechless.


A Sagittarius will be a real arrow aimed directly at your heart.

They are the party's life and the first person you notice at any event.

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