Zodiac Signs Who Are The Luckiest In Love


1. Taurus

Those of you who are single and Taurus may discover that today is your fortunate day, as communication seems to open up for you.


Even though your "issues" won't magically disappear, you won't feel the need to whine to anybody else about them.


If you have a crush on someone, today could be the day you confidently reach out to them.

2. Gemini

You, Gemini, are the tennis ball that gets hit back and forth during Mercury's reign of terror, so you know the effects of Mercury retrograde.


Mercury transits can really wear you down, and you're honestly sick of it, so you eagerly anticipate the end of the retrograde.

3. Leo

This day provides you happiness and tranquilly, and it's all due to the Mercury retrograde insanity settling down and finally subsiding.


If you're being completely honest with yourself, you haven't been very "genuine" as of late since you haven't been able to stop thinking.


When you overthink, you exaggerate the magnitude of a situation, and before you realise it, you're battling, protecting yourself, proudly setting your boundaries.

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