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Zodiac Signs Who Can't Control Their Anger

Leos are forceful, loyal, ambitious and prone to wrath. Angry Leos act like children.


Leos rage till the dust settles, like unruly children. After venting, they'll be proud and loving again. Give them attention to avoid anger.

Aries are stubborn, therefore if they are already in a difficult situation, they will seek out more conflict.


The best thing about Aries is their candour and willingness to declare that they do not require a reason to become upset.

Sagittarius is among the top three zodiac signs who cannot manage their fury.


Do not push a Sagittarius to their breaking point, since if they feel offended, they will explode with wrath.

Avoid confronting Sagittarius about their behaviour, since they will deny it.

Sagittarius does not cool down as soon as Leos or Aries, maybe because they are always convinced that they are right.

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