Zodiac Signs Who Don’t Have A Lot Of Friends

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1. Virgo

Virgo, all you need and desire is a small group of individuals who understand you.

Many individuals are unable of perceiving your distinct and captivating personality.

You used to be bothered by this, but you've since realised that it's their problem, not yours.

2. Scorpio

Sometimes, you would prefer listen to your own thoughts than anything on Spotify.

You would also much rather listen to a friend who makes you laugh or think than suffer the meaningless babble of the masses.

You know that those who require constant social interaction are frequently scared of being alone with their own thoughts.

3. Cancer

While others feel comfortable and energised amid a throng, you feel disoriented and fatigued.

This is sometimes misinterpreted by others as arrogance or aloofness.

4. Aquarius

You have excellent intuition for superficial, manipulative, and insincere individuals.

You can detect these types from a mile away. You've learned over the years to avoid all those fake "friends" that only take and never offer.

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