Zodiac Signs Whose Hearts Break Easily


1. Gemini

Today is the day you allow a specific aspect of yourself, your sensitivity, to surface.


This day, during the transit of Venus conjunct Saturn, you cannot help but feel harmed and depressed.

2. Aquarius

You do not like to consider how much the influence of past breakups has altered you since you would feel like a quitter if you did.


The truth is that you have never gotten over the pain you have endured, and the more you cling to it, the more it seems to grow.


Clearly, Aquarius, you are in a deep rut, and because you've become accustomed to sadness, it has become something of a 'friend' to you.

3. Pisces

Today, Pisces, you must be careful not to engage in superfluous thought, particularly about the past.


You had an adversary in the past, and that adversary lives and flourishes in the suffering you continue to endure.


You have convinced yourself that since you experience agony, you feel alive, and you are still unwilling to let go because the pain of grief has begun to define you.

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