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Zodiac Signs Who Don't Get Angry


The Gemini zodiac sign is known for its easygoing demeanour. They have adjusted their lifestyle to fit their terms.

What other people think of them is irrelevant. What people recall is just the information they feel most crucial about the person.

If these people get angry about something, it will be taken care of quickly.


The Moon is the astrological ruler of Cancer. People often remark on Moon's calm and collected demeanour.

They share the same traits as well. Those who were born under the Cancer zodiac sign have a big heart.

They don't get angry easily. Nonetheless, its arrival is prompt once it finally does.


Since Mercury rules Virgo, it stands to reason that those born under this sign have a keen mind.

People like that have a wonderful sense of humour and value every moment of life.

Noise is annoying to them, thus they try to avoid it. Therefore, they don't really display their emotions, even when they're sad.


Those with the Aquarius zodiac sign tend to live by a number of principles. They prefer a regimented way of living.

They are not angered by their remarks and work to strengthen the bond nonetheless.

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