Zodiacs Who Are Always Overlooked

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Pisces, you've always put others first to make your family and friends happy.

You can be annoyed with someone you love. Conflict is normal in relationships.

They'll keep treating you this way if you act like nothing's wrong. They won't realise their mistakes.


It would be good to receive credit, Virgo. You've been working hard for nothing lately.

You think no one has noticed your efforts. No one has congratulated you. You know your value.

No one needs to explain. But, you wish others would recognise your efforts.


Cancer, you usually care more. Effortful. One who checks in on others and one who does favours.


You work hard. You'll ignore others' opinions and focus on your work.

You feel that no one appreciates your daily labour. You feel ignored when you should be praised.

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