Zodiacs Who Are Major Pushovers

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You understand everyone's perspective, so it's hard to say no. You usually do what others want, even if you don't want to.


You may be exploited due to your kindness. Most of the time, you do what your loved ones desire.

You have your own thoughts and beliefs, but if someone you care about disagrees, you'll probably agree.


You usually want everyone to be happy. You know that's not always possible, but you'll try.

Even though it's not what you want, you think it's worth it to keep the party going and avoid conflict.


Aquarius, everyone knows you care. You have strong beliefs about what should be stated or done.


You're a pushover, which may surprise you. Even if you're critical and have high standards, you realise most people won't listen to you.

You may know your advise is right, but if someone keeps battling with you, you'll go along with it.

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